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The following privacy statement applies to all business conducted by Smartservices4U, be it through any of its offices or over any of its websites. This statement covers all personal information collected by Smartservices4U during the conduct of any of its authorised Sales, Services, Human Resources or Recruitment procedures.
Smartservices4U endeavours to protect all collected personal information from unauthorised use or disclosure. Any queries relating to personal information held by Smartservices4U (including access requests) should be directed to the company’s office in Brussels as follows:
Smartservices4U a business unit of ERMYC bvba
Beekstraat 4
B-1933 Zaventem - Belgium
e-mail to info@smartservices4u.com
Company ID : 0873395918
Data Collection
Smartservices4U endeavours to collect any personal information directly from the individual with that individual’s consent. Where personal information is provided to Smartservices4U by third parties, relevant staff will always take reasonable steps to obtain consent from the individual to whom the information pertains where required by the legislation. Smartservices4U only collects personal information that is necessary for the conduct of its business, be it by the company’s internal, Sales, Services or Recruitment divisions. Without the provision of the requested information by the individual, Smartservices4U is unable to effectively complete the relevant business activity. Within Smartservices4U Sales and Services divisions, personal information is only disclosed to suppliers and customers relevant to the particular business that the individual is conducting with Smartservices4U. Within Smartservices4U Recruitment division personal information is collected relating only to the practise of recruitment and assessment of candidates. Such information may be provided to prospective employers and employees in a range of industries requiring information technology skills or services. Any Smartservices4U client, customer, business partner or recruitment candidate who does not wish their personal information to be provided to any particular organisation or types of organisations should notify Smartservices4U at the time of the collection of the personal information.
Use and Disclosure
As a major provider of a range of information technology products, services and resource solutions, Smartservices4U primary purpose for collecting personal information is to facilitate the efficient provision of quality information technology products and services to its business associates. Apart from the completion of the original business dealing this may involve the provision of relevant product and industry updates and other market related information and opportunities to Smartservices4U business associates. Should you prefer not to receive any such information please advise Smartservices4U by contacting us as detailed above.
Data Security
Smartservices4U employs state of the art security systems and procedures to ensure the integrity and security of personal information held by the company. Personal information does not leave Smartservices4U internal systems unless required to effect the primary purpose of your business with Smartservices4U, or unless consented to. Despite the high level of information security employed within Smartservices4U and its commitment to your privacy, the company is unable to provide an absolute assurance that personal information will remain secure at all times. Smartservices4U therefore does not accept any responsibility for incidences of unauthorised access to personal information, which is provided at your own risk. Likewise Smartservices4U does not guarantee the security or privacy compliance of any websites that are accessible through links provided on any of its websites. Smartservices4U  will delete from its systems any of your personal information held by the company on your request provided that sufficient proof of identity is established.
Personal information held by Smartservices4U is limited to that which is required for the legitimate functions of the company’s business.
Sensitive Information
Smartservices4U does not require that you supply any sensitive information to the company unless it is essential for the purpose of the conduct of business.